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Project Summaries
The following provides a summary of the various projects AFMC has undertaken over recent years.

Property Condition Audit and Lifecycle Plans
AFMC has undertaken a number of facility condition, compliance and defect audits that provide the following deliverables:
Asset Register - detailed component level assets register at room level including valuation details.
Task Listing– 5+ years detailed maintenance and capital task list for each component, costed per task.
Budget Plan – 15+ years detailed budget plan covering capital and maintenance expenditure requirements.
Defects Audit – non compliance and minor condition defects reported and costed against current industry cost guides. Compliance against BCA, DDA and WHS.
Photos – for all defects plus representative photos throughout each facility
Reports – per facility or overall as requested.
Spreadsheets – Full data export including interactive and customisable charts and pivot tables.

Recent clients include the following:
Logan City Council                         85 Major Venues and Facilities
Logan City Council                         357 Off street Carparks
Logan City Council                         Animal and Pest Management Centre
Logan City Council                         Parks Depot Marsden
Logan City Council                         Trinder Park records storage facility
Logan City Council                         Waste Services Branch – refuse site and transfer stations
Logan Water                                 Water and Sewer buildings and site infrastructure
Moreton Bay Regional Council         14 Aquatic Centres
Moreton Bay Regional Council         12 Residential Properties
Scenic Rim Regional Council            20 Facilities – Admin, pools, depots, centres etc
Southern Downs Regional Council    5 Facilities – Admin, pool, centres etc 
Gold Coast City Council                   Multi storey carpark, Off street carparks and Cemeteries, City Libraries

SunWater Limited - AFMC was engaged by SunWater Limited’s Industrial Pipelines Group to prepare strategic asset management plans for 10 Industrial pipelines across Queensland.

Sanctuary Cove Body Corporate Services - 40 Year Sinking fund Model
- AFMC was engaged by SCBCS to prepare a 40 year sinking fund model for the Sanctuary Cove site. This included all road reserve and parkland assets including underground services and harbour front assets that form the asset based managed by the Body Corporates. The resulting deliverable provided a detailed asset register with condition assessment on assets to define residual lives. The model is highly flexible and the client can undertake various sensitivity analysis by changing input parameters.
Sanctuary Cove Body Corporate Services - Asset Treatment Options - Further to the development of the 40 year sinking fund model AFMC was engaged by SCBCS to undertake detailed investigations and condition assessment on the majority of infrastructure types in order to determine the most appropriate and cost effective treatment strategy for each asset type. This included CCTV inspections for underground services, brick paved road refurbishment options, lighting treatments, kerbing options etc.

Bureau of Meteorology - Asset Management Review Benchmarking and Improvement Plan
- AFMC was engaged by the Bureau of Meteorology to undertake a detailed asset management review of the Bureau's Australia wide practice. The review included benchmarking the organisation against other like asset owners and development of a detailed asset management improvement plan. The Bureau is quite unique in Australia and has a diverse range of assets to manage including radar, weather stations, building facilities and highly technical monitoring equipment.
Bureau of Meteorology - Asset Information System Functional Specification - AFMC was engaged by the Bureau of Meteorology to develop a detailed functional specification and supporting documentation for an asset management information system suitable to meet the needs of the Bureau over the coming years.

Department of Housing and Public Works - Southern Queensland Correctional Centre Long Term Maintenance - Tender documentation and evaluation support
- AFMC was engaged to assist the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) develop the specification and contract documentation for the outsourcing of both maintenance and capital renewals of the 300 women prison at Gatton for a 15 year plus 10 year period. This whole of lifecycle style of contract was the first being attempted by the Queensland Government. Tender evaluation support was also provided to DHPW.
Queensland Health - Land and Buildings Transfer - AFMC assisted Queensland Health to assess the asset management capability of its 17 Hospital and Health Services regions across Queensland. The purpose of which was to enable the transfer of all land and building assets to the region should they be deemed capable asset managers. This project was part of the COAG reform to introduce a purchaser provider model for health service delivery.

Scenic Rim Regional Council - Cultural Center's Asset Management Plan - AFMC was engaged by
Council to prepare an asset register and develop a 10 year renewals and maintenance plan for the operational equipment associated with Council's two Cultural Centres in Beaudesert and Boonah. These assets included theatre production equipment such as sound and lighting systems, stage curtains, seating systems, commercial kitchen equipment, box office and AV equipment.

Gold Coast City Council - 2nd Generation Asset Management Plan - Corporate Buildings - AFMC was engaged by Council to assist their Facilities Management Unit prepare their second generation asset management plan. The Corporate Buildings portfolio involved Council administration facilities (leased and owned), branch offices, Council Depots and SES facilities. The plan involved analysis of detailed consultant reports to formulated 10 year renewals projections and individual projects. The gap between current and required funding levels was also detailed. Levels of service and performance targets where formulated and agreed.

Logan City Council - Building Condition Appraisal and Expenditure Plans
- AFMC was engaged by Council to undertake a detailed condition assessment of some 200+ facilities on council lands. These included, Major venues, Community centres, Libraries, Aquatic Centres, community facilities and Sports and Recreations facilities. Condition assessment was undertaken at the component level resulting in tens of thousands or records being captured. Lifecycle modelling of the condition assessment results was undertaken using the AssetFuture lifecycle model. This produced 10 year component replacement and maintenance plans, valuation and residual life details at the component level and defect listing for BCA, WHS and DDA requirements. Overall building valuations and residual lives where subcontracted to Australian Pacific Valuers to provide strategic planning information to inform decision makers regarding renew v replace options. Some 200+ individual reports were prepared summarising the 10 year expenditure requirements for each facility.

IPWEA - NAMS Training - Building Condition and Performance Assessment 2010 and 2011. - Engaged by the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (IPWEA) to undertake a series of two day training programs in the use of the NAMS Manual "Building Condition and Performance Assessment Guidelines". The first round of training in 2010 visited all States and completed 8 sessions with over 200 attendees. The training was well received and repeated in 2011.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council - Flood Disaster Recovery - Following the January 2011 floods AFMC was engaged by Aurecon to project manage the major data collection effort in assessing the damage done to the roads, bridges and drainage infrastructure throughout the Lockyer Valley. Data collection and inspection methodologies were established to operate in many inaccessible areas plus allow data to be captured as quickly as possible. GPS imaging and data loggers enabled data to be uploaded to the Aurecon NDRRA application model for submission to QRA. AFMC provided a long term operational assistance role during 2011 freeing up LVRC resources for other disaster related activities.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council - Asset Management Plan - Buildings Portfolio - AFMC was engaged through Aurecon to provide asset management assistance to the Lockyer valley regional council. This included asset valuation support and the development of asset management plans for the Buildings portfolio.

State Water Corporation - Asset Data Management Policy and Procedure - Engaged by State Water Corporation (SWC) to develop a policy and procedure for the management of asset management data across SWC. The data management policy and procedure focused on clarifying the responsibilities for data management in business functions, asset classes and information systems. A number of duplicate data sets existed across SWC and a key focus of this policy and procedure was to establish the framework for rationalising this dataset down to a manageable set before considering an Enterprise wide system for its storage and management.

ARCBS - Strategic Facilities Management Plan - Engaged by Aurecon to develop a Strategic Facilities Management Plan (SFMP) for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. This plan identifes the requirements for the management of the some 100 fixed facilities and 20 mobile donor centres across Australia. This plan described the facilities employed by the Blood Service, their condition against the required standards and the financial forecasts resulting over the next ten year outlook. The expenditure projection focuses on the requirements to sustain the existing portfolio against current services offered.

Powerlink Queensland - Corrective Maintenance Notifications - Engaged by Powerlink Queensland to investigate their maintenance practices associated with the cause and damage codes used on work notifications. The report investigated, considered and made recommendation on rationalizing the Cause and Damage Code pick lists required for maintenance analysis. Six years of Notification data from 1/7/05 to 30/6/10 was provided for this investigation, some 12210 records. Consideration of the accual usage to date of the codes plus the required analysis of the aggregated data allowed recommendations to significantly reduce the number of pick list options in both Cause and Damage code list.

State Water Corporation - Asset Management Gap Analysis and Improvement Plan - Engaged by State Water Corporation (SWC) to develop a purpose built asset management gap analysis model and then complete the gap analysis and improvement plan. The model aims to identify the key gaps in asset management capability against a best practice model. Armed with this knowledge, SWC can define and implement improvements to asset management practices in a logical and structured manner. The model also provides a framework that is repeatable and hence will clearly identify the progress made by SWC over the coming years towards the “best appropriate practice” targets. This model assesses the asset management capability in six key areas: 1 - Policy, Process and Procedures, 2 - Information management systems, 3 - Data, Information and knowledge, 4 - Commercial practices, 5 - Organisational structure and commitment and 6 - People skills and resources. The gap analysis identified some 22 major projects and multiple minor interlinked projects totalling some $2.3 million in internal and external fees to implement over the coming 3 to 5 years.

State Water Corporation - Asset Management Data Needs Investigation - Engaged by State Water Corporation (SWC) to develop an asset management data needs report to support the organisations investigation into the asset management application requirements and the integration and data exchange architecture requirements. The report mapped the current data needs and required future data needs based on the asset management improvement plans vision of best appropriate practice.

State Water Corporation - Asset Disposal Policy and Procedure - Engaged by State Water Corporation (SWC) to develop a policy and procedure for the disposal of various asset types currently under SWC control. The disposal policy and procedure required detailed development as SWC were considering the disposal of a number of river structures such as Weirs. Their disposal will require detailed investigation into environmental, social, heritage, cultural and economic considerations. Workshops held with internal and external stakeholders enabled the development of detail flowchart and procedures to support the policy. The procedures developed covered river structures plus land and buildings.

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