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Policy and Procedures

Policy, process and procedural documentation – AFMC can prepare all your asset and facilities management documentation needs including policy, business process mapping, workflow procedures, asset strategy plans, asset management plans, customer service strategies, maintenance management plans, manuals and guidelines.

Capital works plans – AFMC can prepare your capital works plans for the short medium or long term including business cases where required.

Capital works evaluation AFMC can evaluate, using a structured framework, the suitability and appropriateness of each capital works project for inclusion in the program. We can prioritise all projects on the capital works program to ensure timing and order of implementation is appropriate for the organisation.

Risk assessment and management – AFMC can implement a risk assessment framework for asset or project risks so that a risk based management approach can be adopted. Risk reduction strategies, contingency plans and other risk based activities can also be provided.

Due diligence assessments – AFMC has completed a number of technical due diligence projects, for both asset acquisition or access pricing purposes, and is well aware of regulatory precedents for completing such work.

Maintenance plansAFMC can build or review your existing maintenance plan considering task suitability and frequencies. This analysis can draw on risk based prioritisation and criticality analysis to validate the suitability of the maintenance plan. Through our business partners, detailed RCM, MEA and other techniques can be employed.

Lifecycle costing analysis – AFMC can analyse your assets or portfolio lifecycle costs taking into consideration capital growth, renewal, operations, maintenance and depreciation cost projections to prepare an optimised lifecycle program for your portfolio. Through our business partners full task listing and costing can be provided for multiple year projections.

Service level plans – AFMC can prepare or review your levels of service relating to your assets or facilities. This includes alignment with legislative requirements and reporting needs and the measurement of performance against these service levels.

HomeServicesProject SummariesBusiness Partners