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Our philosophy for achieving sound asset and facilities management solutions is to build our client’s capabilities in seven key result areas. These are:

1. Audit and Business improvement plans – as the world is ever changing, so too will the best fit solution change for each organisation. Having a process in place for the review and modification of each of the following six key result areas is necessary for ongoing efficient and effective outcomes.

2. Policy, process and procedures – having the right approach clearly defined to produce effective outcomes.

3. Information management systems – having tools and systems in place that enable the management and manipulation of the extensive asset knowledge databases allowing efficient decision making.

4. Data, information and knowledge – having the right data and information ensures access to the right knowledge and therefore decision making. As they say “knowledge is power”.

5. Commercial practices – implementing the decisions made on where and how to invest should be supported by robust delivery strategies that maximise outcomes.

6. Organisational structure and commitment – having the right structure empowers those charged with the management of the assets to achieve the desired outcomes. Commitment by the organisation to enabling sound asset management outcomes is also essential.

7. People skills and resources – ensuring the management and staff have the necessary skills to manage the many and varied asset and facilities management functions plus ensuring there are sufficient  resources provided to complete the necessary tasks.

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